Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation & Planning

Yes, we do taxes. But true tax planning does not begin with filling out IRS forms; it is a year-long process that culminates with the filing of an annual report that has minimized your tax liabilities, maximized your deductions and moved your overall financial goals forward. Whether you are a big corporation, a not-for-profit organization or a single working mom, proper tax planning is essential to ensure that you are meeting your legal obligations and making the best use of your resources possible.

However, we all have to start somewhere. So if you send us your files electronically or stop by the office with a shoe box of receipts, we will begin the process with a conversation to better understand what you are working toward and how the proper management of your taxes and finances can help.

With more than three decades of cumulative tax preparation experience, ongoing continuing education and relentless attention to new and changing regulations, we will make sure that you will always have someone protecting your interests.