Business & Management Consulting

Running a successful company or organization takes more than invoicing, paying bills and filing your taxes on time — although that is a good start. Our business and management services are focused on helping clients step back and take a big-picture view of how properly managed finances can contribute to long-term organizational success and growth.

We also understand that success has a human element — employees, company culture and involvement in the community contribute to what makes a great company great. If you are experiencing change or are poised for growth, we have proven strategies to help guide you in making the kinds of decisions that change lives and impact generations.

We offer a wide range of business consulting services that include: business start-up assistance, systems analysis, business valuations, exit strategy, succession planning, profitability and return-on-investment analysis.

It is time to think beyond taxes. We can help.

Business Start-Up Assistance

The most important step in establishing a successful business is always the first one. With our business start-up assistance, we will help you decide which business structure and initial steps are best suited for your business and your business goals.

Long-Term Business Planning

We help established businesses with long-term planning that applies present resources to future goals. Whether it is to build wealth, sell the company someday or establish a succession plan, we will make sure the future does not catch you by surprise.

Return on Investment and Profitability Analysis

It’s not all about the money, but a big part of your business strategy should certainly be maximizing your profitability. We help you identify what parts of your business and products are most in demand, where you should be concentrating your time and how long it will take to see your investments turn into sustainable profits that lead to long-term growth.